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A great Tuesday to all!

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Good morning Bassholes! Yep, It's Tuesday again... Monday is in the rearview...
A hot pot of coffee is calling you all, I'm on my second :coffee:. Yum :coffee01:... never knew it could be this good!

I'm wishing you all a beautiful day! Go fishing if you can!
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Thank you Mary. :D Hope you have a great day too :D

Off to work I go... so I can sit and think about fishing and daydream till the next cast ;)
Yall have a great Tuesday
Yep, one down and 4 more to go!! Yall have a great day.
One day closer to Friday :boing: I'm ready for the rain to end but then some cold stuff is gonna move in :mad: But, I got up this mornin', was not listed in the obituaries, and knew it would be a great day :dance01: However, my fellow Bassholes, DO NOT FORGET, tomorrow is Valentines Day !! Make sure you take care of your significant other or you may be in for a bad mid-week!!! :dunno: :banghead:
No significant other here... :dunno:
First time ever! But I'm working tomorrow night and I'm excited to see the love flow in and out the doors.
I don't even think we have a Valentines special... Dang, maybe they do and I didn't care... Oh well. I hope we are kinda busy. They are even calling in a back up waitress just in case.
mary dean said:
No significant other here... :dunno:

I will probably just toss a few steaks on the grill for my mother, sister and niece since they are all without significant others too. I can toss an extra on for you Mary if youd like. I will fax it to ya when it's done. lol how ya like your steak? lol

Im so excited.. I get to drive an hour home in the pouring rain in 45 minutes. yaye! Bet ya wish you were me huh? :rofl1:
Becareful Jared! Wow, you are surrounded by women!
my wonderful comute home from work that usually takes 15 minutes took over an hour { we are currently having a blizzard} ohio weather sucks :cry01: :eek:ld:
my work is canseled for tomorrow already alpng with tuns of school. probably be all day wed. shoveling that 4 letter word [snow] grill one of those steaks for me i can't even find my gril i know it was beside the house somewhere
:dunno: :dunno: :rofl2:
i'll take the rain anytime
ok steaks for everyone then lol
i like mine medium-rare i'll bring the beer....any special requests? :cheers: :band: :band: :band: :band: :cheers: :thumbup01: its the first annual Bassholes Valentines Day bash!!!!!!!!! Dave
Hey you guys, don't forget you have the Bassholes, we may not be significant, but we are others :D

Jarred, I like mine Medium Rare, and I'll help Dave drink his beer.
yeee haw! lol
TampaCountryBoy said:
Hey you guys, don't forget you have the Bassholes, we may not be significant, but we are others :D
Hey! He does have a point! LOL

Good point TCB Good point indeed! LOL
um, we are supposed to get two feet of snow

Wow, it was a great Tues. for me, see my post in Gone Fishin. :D 8) What's snow?
I hate snow...
Thanks for the med. Filet Mignon Jared, Yum!
Hey Dave, Thanks for the beer.
Mike, I hope you don't get that snow. Well, unless you want it...
wel i just finished shoveling my driveway. it only took 3 hours of non stop shoveling to get to the end of my 10 yard long drive. some of the piles are taller than my five year old. my boat is still buried too tired to shovel around it with NO expectations of getting it out within the next month.
thanks for the steak i'm having mine now as i thaw out.
hope everyone has a hapy valentines.
later all
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