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27 May Clarks Hill

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When I was guiding in TX I NEVER fished this weekend nor Labor Day. Now I find myself with a "real" job and forced to do so. I fished from dawn to noon...after that you must get off the lake as the crazies are out and about.

I had a really nice confrontation with a jet skier. Woman ran within 20 feet of me, I told her she didn't need to do that. She said, "whatever" and ran to the beach nearby where her husband/boy friend got on nd drove past me at full speed and them swamped his boat. ;D I started up and ran by him, told him in Texas they would shoot you for doing that (Her had sprayed me) and I drove off. He, evidently, followed me once he got it started. I was cruising at about 4,000 rpm when he came within 15 feet of my port side. I gunned it (225 HO) and turned hard to starboard and blinded him with spray. I waved at him to follow me onto the main lake were we could "discuss" his behavior without spectators bu the declined.

What are the rules in GA about jet-skis? How close can they follow, can they jump wakes, when can they be reported. In TX they could not jump wakes or some near us. Skiers had to have a flag up and flying indicating someone was in the water. I saw none today.

Sad affair, these people don't know what danger they put themselves or others in.

BTW, I [post all my fishing reports on my personal Clarks Hill forum:

Check out the one from Texas, 400 anglers.

I look for my CH one to grow the same. Fell free to join (it's free) and lend your wisdom.

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Coach, go under the Georgia boards and access the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and see what they say about boating rules. From what I have seen in Georgia and Alabama, most people are not bad about it. Of course, there have been the few times where I have pulled out a 2 oz. egg sinker, and gave folks a good bruising. They ask why I do that, and I ask them why they are close enough so that I can do it. ;D

Did you have any luck on the Hill today? If you got out there early, I am sure that you got some on a topwater.
Here you go:

A PWC must be operated at idle speed if within 100 feet of a non-moving boat, dock or pier, bridge, person in the water, shoreline adjacent to a residence, public park or beach, swimming area, marina, restaurant or other public use area.

PWC must be equipped with fully operational self- circling device or a lanyard type engine cut-off switch. If a cut-off switch is used, the lanyard must be attached to the person, clothing or PFD of the operator.

A PWC, operating at more than idle speed, cannot run around, ride or jump the wake of, or be within 100 feet of another moving boat or PWC unless it is overtaking the other boat in compliance with the rules for encountering other boats. When a PWC is overtaking another boat, it must not change course in order to ride or jump the wake of the boat being overtaken.

He was in violation of both paragraphs. Some good it does.

I must admit in all my years of fishing (and I am 55 yr old) I have never had anyone do what this couple did to me...every...anywhere...I will be fishing again tomorrow and starting with topwater near where they were ... maybe he will come around again and we can "talk."

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When Dad and I used to hit Weiss in our pontoon, we had PWC's run our wakes all the time. Of course, in the middle of the summer, during the middle of the day, we spent the time looking for places to fish and just trying to stay cool, so we really didn't mind. We had a few people that would ride by, at idle speed, to see if we were doing any good, and the ones that would ride by faster than that and cause an up-roar met up with my modified C-rig. ;D

If you are able to see them again, I hope that you can talk to them. ;D Just don't get too hateful with them. >:D
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