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You can submit a catch for a IGFA world record a year or more after catching a fish, there is no time limit that I know of. You must however meet all the requirements, certified witnessed weight with the fish photographed along side a ruler. The scale must be in calibration with a certification sticker and two witnesses sign the weight cert. The fish must be caught legally and hooked in the mouth. The lure or bait can not be altered or have added trap hooks. The Weakley bass caught at lake Dixon was not weighed on a certified scale or measured or photographed along side a ruler, no sighed witnessed weight cert and was snagged in the back by a trap hook. I believe this bass was over 22 1/4 lbs, we will never know for sure and the IGFA will reject this application. Why would anyone do this? Press at the beginning of the big bass season gets lots of attention.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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