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2007 Washington Bass Fishing Tournament Schedule

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24th - 25th      ABA West on Lake Washington

7th                  Lake Sammamish Open
7th                  Silver Lake Open
14th                Northwest Bass on Banks Lake
21st - 22nd     Pot Holes Open
28th               WSBF Shootout on Banks Lake
28th                Lake Whatcom Open

5th - 6th         ABA East at Tri Cities
7th - 11th       TBF Western Divisional at Pot Holes
19th               Northwest Bass on Lake Washington
19th - 20th     Lake Chelan Open
26th - 28th     Jamboree at Banks Lake

2nd - 3rd        CAST Seahawks Charity Tournament on Washington
9th                 Northwest Bass at Tri Cities
16th - 17th     Federation Qualifier on Lake Chelan
23rd - 24th     ABA East on Pot Holes
30th               ABA West on Silver Lake

1st                ABA West on Silver Lake
7th                Northwest Bass on Pot Holes
14th - 15th    Federation Qualifier on the Lower Columbia
28th - 29th   ABA East on Banks Lake

4th - 5th       Valley Marine Open on Banks Lake
11th             Northwest Bass on Boardman
18th - 19th   ABA West on Lake Washington
25th - 26th   Federation Qualifier on Long Lake Spokane

7th - 9th        Northwest Bass Championship on Banks Lake
27th - 29th    ABA Championship at Tri Cities

6th - 7th       Scholarship Tournament on Banks Lake
20th             Mickelsen Team Tournament on Washington
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