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2007 Classic

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what did everyone think of the classic this year? I was able to goto the expo but not the weigh-in which I really wanted goto but I had 2 of my children with me which were to little to attend. Lay Lake is neighbor to Logan Martin Lake I fish out of. We have some nice size fish that come out of there. I normally fish soft plastics but going to try some new tatics this year..........crankbaits, jerkbaits etc.
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To be honest, I didnt watch much of it. It was past my bed-time when they aired it.
The classic is always the bomb! However I thought the production of this years was long and drawn out. (I watched it on the web site) I had a buddy that attended and he said it took Three hours to weigh in 25 boats. Hows that good on the resources? Bass or Spectators.
Fish4FunInFl said:
To be honest, I didn't watch much of it. It was past my bed-time when they aired it.
ESPN/DISNEY (I can nor longer lay blame on "BASS") are fools! They let women's basketball (no offense intended) and track preempt a LIVE weigh in each day? Are they nuts? The demographics simply do not support that decision. And then what do they do? They show the weigh in at 10 eastern! Again, where there largest demographic resides! What are they thinking.

And on the Internet? Go forbid we could watch without kicking in more money to be a "BASS insider"?!?!? What a joke.

I was able to watch it without being on bass insider it was on ESPN outdoors, and if you were on all you had todo was click the icon. The best was Sunday, Saturday was a joke.
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