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2006 Classic Winning Bait???

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Hey check this out! 

From all I have seen or read it has said that Luke won the CLassic on a Mann's bait... but that may not be the case at all. (A good example of Pros not truly revealing their secret/lucky bait)
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Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM .
I had to lighten the pic up, cause this monitor I have is a POS, but I have to agree.  That is not a Mann's Hardnose.  From the picture that the page displays, I have to agree that it looks a lot like a Gambler, but it could also be a Zoom worm.  I have a few of them, and they could pass for one another.

However, from that, it looks like a Gambler.
In case the pivs was too dark for you all, here ya go. It looks a lot like the Gambler, don't it. ;)

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Yeah definitely not a zoom. The Zooms tail has a unique twist when it hangs down. Hold one up, you will see what I mean.
I know what you speak of. I have some in my worm bag right now. I actually found them, with some Zoom Lizards and Zoom 4" Dead Ringers. :) Amazing what you think you will never use when you pack it away, and then when you find it, you wonder why it isn't in your bag. LOL

At any rate, it's definitely a Gambler. So, does this mean that Clausen is sponsored by Gambler, or what? And why would Mann's take the chance of trying to lie about the lure? Are they honestly hurting that much for the money? I think that they will find that most anglers respect companies that are honest, and although this may not effect the standing of their company with the majority of the anglers, it could sway a good portion of them into wondering why they would lie about it.

Perhaps Clausen said that he was going to use the Mann's Hardnose worm, and it wasn't producing?

As Rodney said, it's one of those things that make you go HMMMMMMMM. ;)
Sponsors do that. Pros do that.
They claim the win was on thier sponsors bait. They do it a lot. Even 2004's Classic was claimed to have been won a different bait than it actually was won on.
I got to give big props to Peter T, when he won the Harris Chain last year. He didnt LIE or fabricate or any word you wanna use about the lure he used, instead he said IT WASNT from his sponsor.
2004 was the year that Takahiro Omori won. He caught part of the winning weight on a GYCB Kreature, and the rest on a crankbait, which did not come from his sponsor Lucky Craft. So, are you saying that Tak lied about what won his classic?
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