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Hi Folks, my boat has sat for about 5 months. 1/2 tank of fuel that shouldn't be stale. My boat fires up but it just won't stay started. Switch is in the RUN position, batteries both charged. Bulb to pump the initial fuel is not hardening like it used to. I keep pumping it but it is not the solid bulb I remember. 2 years ago I had a professional shop do the "whole 9 yards" on it and $775 dollars later I had a boat that would run 34 knots flat out. Loved it. The last two outings (5 months ago and then last week) ended in it not staying started. Again, new hoses, new bulb pump, new water impeller etc. They also drained the tank and replenished it with new fuel. I don't know if I had an electric fuel pump (I don't think I do otherwise why would I need to use the rubber bulb to get fuel up there. I also have 1/2 tank of the oil mixture. Short of the "plugs/injectors" being clogged up, not sure what else to look for.

Help please?

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