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2 Deaths at Sam Rayburn

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Just when you thought you had problems:

2 people died today on Rayburn about 1pm right in front of the Twin Dikes boat ramp by the little island---they were in a jon boat that overturned -other shorebound anglers spotted them trying to get back on their boat but the wind blew their boat away from them- by the time a rescue was initiated in about 20 minutes it was too late- both anglers sunk out of site- they found one body so far- they are still looking for the 2nd- they were NOT wearing their lifevests--- twin dikes boat ramp is shut down for now with emergency vehicles-

From pressangler.
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Man, I really hate to hear that. I feel for there family.
thats a shame,prayers out to there families.
All we can do is say prayers for the families. Such a terrible accident. Dave
My condolances to the family and friends.
Prayers sent to their familes. Please everyone wear your vests.
never enough to say when loved ones are lost. memories of the great times i pray for their families.

teach your children safety, so they will teach theirs
My prayers go out to the family and friends. Tragic. Shame to hear about any stoey like this. No Vests is the number one Culprit on the water, same as a seatbelt in a car. Gotta wear em. they save lives even though they can be very uncomfortable
I was on the lake at the time practicing for the BASS Series, me and other boats helped the rest of the evening, with draglines, graphs, and even crankbaits. Was a very sad (odd) situation to be in! 1 was found.  My prayers were sent ever since.
What a bummer. A crappy way to celebrate a good day on the water.
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