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Well, I went to Charlie Elliott PFA this weekend. I fished Lake Bennett both days. Saturday morning had me wondering why I went. I was expecting the spawn to really get started this week, and expected to launch on a lake full of huge aggressive bass. They weren't there. I couldn't figure out why, either, because my depthfinder wasn't getting any juice. I'll be figuring that out this week. The only fish I found were cruising fish, ALOT of them in less thanthree feet of water. But I couldn't get bit there. Well, about 2:00 I started finding males on beds. :thumbup01: I proceeded to catch 5 in the next three hours, with one over 2 lbs, and the biggest one weighing 3-9 on digital scales. So I was juiced for today's trip, because I just knew the females would be there today. They weren't. :dunno: Has anybody ever seen this before? Usually if the males are sweeping beds, the ladies are there to make a deposit the next day. Right? I'm really confused on that one. I wound up catching 4 today, one cruising dink and three bedding males. I did lose one bed fish today, and spent about 45 minutes after a 4+ fish (the only female I saw on the beds today. But I guess she was just getting his phone number or something. They didn't look like they were spawning, but getting ready to. All bed fish hit a watermelon candy baby brush hog, some on the first or second pitch. That's the story. Now a question. Should I try there again next weekend? We're supposed to have a cool front blow through, and the air temps will go from 80's on Fri. to 60's on Sun.
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