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1st Washington St tournament this year

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Im not even sure if there are any other WA bassers on here but here you go.........

Evergreen Bass Club Presents

1st Inaugural Freeze Your

bASS Blast

80% Payback


Saturday, February 17, 2007 at Lake Sammamish State Park

Drivers Meeting 6:30 AM / Blastoff 7:30 (Sunrise 7:12 AM) 3PM Weigh-in

Late Registration CASH ONLY - Fee $10.00

Entry Deadline Postmarked 2/12/07

$125.00 Entry Fee Per Team

$20.00 Big Fish Pot
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Big Dan T, There was someone over on the Bassmasters site looking for a bass club to join in Washington.
thanks ill go check it out
i couldnt find and post/topics for washington/bass clubs/members.... if you run across it again can you please send me the link?
I'll work on it. It may have been on the fantasy board. Are you getting in with us for fantasy fishing? The Bass holes is the name (have to seperate the words dumb-ass censorship) there is a few of us signed up and we picked up some others. Be cool to see you there. Peace out. Drew P.S. I just looked its under wanted: on the fantasy board but now I don't know if I understand it right. Oh well check it out.
Winners......Hobbs Jr./Delay

5 bass total

3.79lb big bass

14.69 total weight

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I am fanning myself!!! Good looking guys with BIG checks! Oh yea...
It sure looks like I found my fantasy board :rofl2:
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