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1st tourny this weekend

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Does anyone have any tips for a first timer in the BFL. This weekend is my first tournament, I will be a co-angler. I am starting to get a little nervous.
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We had a discussion about this not to long ago. Help. Where is it. There is a lot of good info in that thread...
Stay calm little bro, and do what you know how to do! You'll be OK.
Stay calm for sure. Do what you are comfortable with, don't be afraid to do what the boater is doing if they are tearing them up, if you can come up with some spots of your own in case they aren't on fish, and respect them and their boat even if you get a bad draw but don't be afraid to speak up if you have too. Good luck.
Good luck.
Just have lots of fun! I think I would be nervous as well, but I would want to go out there and just do what I normally do and not worry about what happens and have fun.

Good luck

David :goldcup:
Along with what others have said here is what I would add to this. From my perspective as a boater what I see many back seaters do that hurts them is they do not pay attention to where I have made a cast to. Why is this critical? Because unless you are camped out on a spot with an anchor the boater is going to be moving down a bank or some structure typically and he will cast forward slightly. You will to as a back seater. So after I reel in my lure from the forward cast I made it will be right in sight of where you would normally cast and I take mental note of how many times my back seater has made a cast to the exact same spot I just made a cast too. To me this is not effective fishing as a back seater.

When I fish out of the back of someone else's boat I have to keep this in the front of my mind. Believe me it is not easy to cast to a different spot then the guy in front just did, even if it is only a couple feet different. Because he is moving making his spot accessible to you. So the better you can be by casting inbetween his casts the better you will be.

So besides trying different lures, even the same lures, try throwing your bait where he didn't throw his. It might just pay off for you ;)
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Check out Bass Resources, tournament tactics.
Being a back seater or partner requires team work to be affective. Remember who's boat you are using and simply ask what your partner wants you to do.
Never cast over anyones line and try to keep your lure from tangling or snagging. If you snag something, break off and don't ask your boater to stop and retrieve it. Most tournament fisherman fish faster pace then you may be used to, so you need to adjust to the pace. The successful tournament fisherman are trying to catch a limit of keepers, 1 1/2 to 3 lbs., then up grade to bigger bass, if possible.
The most important thing to remember is fish your strengths. If your partner wants you to flip and you are not good at flipping, let them know and do a presentation that you are good at while the boat is tight to cover. Offer to pay for the gas and lunch and enjoy your day on the water. Good luck.
You be fine bro! Just have alot of fun and do what you always do when youre just fishing for fun! Dave
I 've got a jerk bait only tourney on sun. It will be fun only $30.00 a boat but it will be full of sticks. You can't have any tackle in your boats but hard jerk baits.
imonembad said:
I 've got a jerk bait only tourney on sun. It will be fun only $30.00 a boat but it will be full of sticks. You can't have any tackle in your boats but hard jerk baits.
A pair of pointers 100's cost more than the entry fee! Rouge 'N Pointer tournament, let us know how you do!!
Ps; you can wrap the middle treble hook with solder to make that Rouge run deeper.
imonembad said:
I 've got a jerk bait only tourney on sun. It will be fun only $30.00 a boat but it will be full of sticks. You can't have any tackle in your boats but hard jerk baits.
That is cool. I started a tournament when I lived in Texas that I called Specialty Lure Tournaments. The one I did was only Senko type baits. Any brand but no other lure allowed in your boat. Me and my partner won that tournament using BPS Stick-o's and other off brands.

I wanted to hold more but things didn't work out. I always envisioned that as a ay to see who is the better fishermen with the same style of lures. Cool that this idea is not just my own.
Lots of good advice from fellow bassholes. Just a few thoughts .....

If you are not comfrotable doing what the boater is doing don't do it for long. it causes frustration and gets you second guessing yourself. Be observant and learn the basics of what he does and practice it in a non tournament practice session. Notice his colors and size of lures used.

If his rigs are laid out look what he has rigged up and before blast off re-tie some rigs if you have time

I recommend you have a splitshot or a short leader CR rigged as these are great presentations for a backseater and will put fish in the boat from the same spots the boater has fished and can be fished effectively behind the boat as well.

The most important trait for a backseater is courtesy and respect, but you can whoop em from the backseat

Stay calm and have fun - you will be fine.

Finally before the day is over record the event in your journal
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Stay calm, relax, get a good night sleep, try not to think to much about it, because it will cause anxioty, and thats not what you need. Be sure to just stay calm and don't think about a tournament, just go out and fish as if you were doing it for fun in your own time.


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