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12/5 Okeechobee

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Fished the rim canal today the wind(25-30 mph) kept me out of the lake itself but the rim canal produced today. Theres alot of structure to fish and it is a helluva lot deeper than the lake. Ended up with 5 keepers ranging from 2-5 lbs. Tried jigging but wasnt working, tried drop-shoting,and after awhile put on a brown-purple laminate Yamamoto senko 5 inch rigged wacky style and you would have thought the bass hadnt eaten in a month!! So I just wanted to share a sucessful day with everybody! Later Dave
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Congrats on the trip. Gotta love that wacky worm!
Kewl deal !! Was you useing a circle hook or what ?

Hows the water level in South Florida ? We could use quite alot of rain to bring our levels up to NEAR normal here in Central Florida.

You ever make it up to Istapokga < sp > ? We will be there in March for our classic.
Awsome report leatherface. Glad you whacked them. My boat is under a foot and a half of snow.
thats gotta be heartbreaking!
the water level is REAL low its about a foot - two feet. If you are on a plane and you stop youre screwed! I do get to Istapoga quite often im 45 minutes to the south of it. You gotta catch that lake on a good day ive caught a 40 lb stinger then got skunked ! Dave
We held our classic there this year in March. The best stringer there was a touch over 20 pounds. Not bad at all considering it is a bag limit of 3 per day . ( I think he had 30+ pounds for both days )

Even had some fish biologist there taking measurements of some of the fish.

When March rolls around , come on up on the Sunday for our final weigh in.I will give you the exact date later if ya wanna come.
yeah id love that!
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