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10/29 killin time

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I got back into Florida Sunday morning and went to pick my dog up from the sitter, she wasn't around so I drove down the road to where Rt. 415 crosses the St. Johns river near Sanford. There is an old bridge there with a back water slough under it and a floating mat all under that bridge. I was dangling a red shad senko off the bridge thru the small pockets and after about 20 minutes something grabbed it and took me down, I set the hook and slowly worked it to the top of weeds, danged if it wasn't a nice 5 pounder. I knew I was in trouble with only 12 lb. test on from the Tennessee trip and I didn't want to break my rod so I tried grabbing the line and pulling her up, I got her half way up (about six feet out of the water) and the line broke. All I wanted was a picture! Then about another 20 minutes went by and a big ole mudfish grabbed my senko and thrashed me around in the mat for five minutes before breaking me off, it was over two feet long and I'm guessing 12-14 lbs. The best way I know to kill time!
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Sounds like a good way to me as well, Shannon
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