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10,000th Post Contest Winner

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Congratulations to natekelsi (Nate) for making the 10,000th post!! :clap:

Here is the prize package that you won! :D It will be shipped this week. Once again congratulations and I hope this package helps you catch some hawgs to brag about on The Bassholes! :fishing02:

Remember folks, you can't win prizes like this without participating and you never know when the next contest is going to pop up. :D

Congratulations again Nate! :D

By the way Nate, I picked out the Zoom bait kit specifically for you, since you were asking about them the other day ;)
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good job nate looks like a great package,congrats
Wow what a nice package of stuff. Even has a RED rattle trap lol.
KeithsCatch said:
Even has a RED rattle trap lol.
I knew you'd appreciate that Keith lol
Looks like a sweet deal. I cant wait to try them all out, and again thanks everyone for this great site!!!!!! :boing: :boing:
Congrats on your winnings. Hope you enjoy all the great stuff.
Good job Nate!! Great site Jared, I liked this place for the camaraderie and knowledge the prizes are just icing on the cake.
Congratulations Nate, good job. Nice prize, we want to see some fish....
Even has a RED rattle trap lol.
Imagine that!! 8)
Congrats, Natelski, just don't roll cast that X-Rap with too much line out and smack it against a rock. They break. I know. :withstupid: :banghead:
I wish I had a red rattle trap... Oh I do!
I just need to use it! Anything red right now is sticking fish I heard... and seen, when the boat behind us was pulling um out!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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