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10,000th Post Approaches! Let's Have A Contest!

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Looks like it won't be too long before we hit post # 10,000! I think that's a great milestone for The Bassholes and because of such, a contest is in order.

So here it is... The Quest to the 10,000th Post Contest!

Rules are simple:

The person who makes the 10,000th post will recieve a special tackle pack worth no less than $50.00!

The only catch is this... DO NOT SPAM! If you spam you will be disqualified and take the risk of being banned if you offend drastically enough! You all know what spam is, ifyou dont and need to be given the definition then please ask me and I will be sure to define.

All posts MUST be appropiate Bassholes material, on subject and follow the general guidelines of the site.

Also there will be NO ONE WORD REPLIES. All I ask is that you use your head and put some thought into your posts as you usually do.

And lastly, have fun, talk bass fishing and invite your friends to be a Basshole too :)

Thank You, Jared

Staff Members are not eligible for this contest. In the event that a staff member makes the 10,000th post, the winner will be the very next member who posts.
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So bump doesn't qualify? haha :)
KeithsCatch said:
So bump doesn't qualify? haha :)
LOL exactly ;)
Cool, but what the hell is spam? Youre laughing but i am computer illiterate......last time i checked spam was in a can. Dave
Spam can have a few definitions... one of them being any unwanted advertisement on a site or in email... but in this situation spam also means many frivalous posts that are posted for the simple purpose of taking up space and adding to the post count. It could be the same post repeated over and over or it could be just a mess of different posts with nonsense in the content. The above definition is not definitive but it is pretty close.

Hope this was helpful to you. Don't hesitate to ask any more questions :)
OK, how do you post a picture? ;D LOL just messin with you. I hope this ain't spammin ;D
imonembad said:
OK, how do you post a picture? ;D LOL just messin with you. I hope this ain't spammin ;D
nope. that's not spam at all, because it was relative to the thread and you put some thought behind what ya said :D
The way every active Basshole typically posts is fine. I just had to include the no spam rule so that a newcomer, or an inactive member, doesn't take advantage and start to abuse the forums just for the sake of winning the contest and take all the fun out of it for the rest of the members.
I see now thanks for clearing that up. :D Dave
You're welcome. Anytime Dave :D
I like the canned spam best :thumbup01:. Fried spam sandwich with a little mustard...
Ohh and Mary, since you won the Feb contest you are not in this one :neener:

Ohh and you spam lovers, here ya go

:spam01: :spam02:
I'm just a part of this!. I don't need to win anything else! If by chance I do... I'll donate it to the next post!!! I haven't even looked to see where we are.
Still got a little over 500 post to go.
Yeah Im sorry guys, no staff members eligible for this one. ;D

and yes Mary, I love fried spam with an egg and cheese on an english muffin LOL
By the way, I added to the rules above so there is no confusion.

In the event that a staff member makes the 10,000th post, which is quite possible, the very next post made by a member will be the winner.
You all still eat Spam? I thought they banned that stuff years ago :rofl1:
Jared, maybe you should remove the post count feature so we can't see it. That way we all won't be watching and posting dribble trying to win as the 3000th post. Is that possible?
hmm thats a good idea Keith. I think it may be possible. I will have to look into it today.

Thank you for the idea :D
193 to go.

Good idea Keith, I see living in Fl is rubbing off on you lol
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