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1 pc or 2 pc rods

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What do you all prefer in a rod? A 1 pc rod or 2 pc rod? Can you feel the difference when casting or setting the hook? Does it matter? Just curious

David :fishing01:
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I always go with 1 piece, to me its a confidence thing. 2 piece rods just add another variable to the equation, which to me is just another thing to go wrong. Dave
Presentations where sensitivity is essential like soft plastic worm/creature and jig fishing a one piece rod construction a far better, than a 2 piece rod. Presentation where feed back is not essential, like fiberg glass cranking rod, then a 2 piece rod becomes a personal choice. Presentations where the rod is over 7' where storage becomes a problem, then a 2 piece telescoping rod, like a flipping rod, becomes a personal choice.
1 peice, no matter what you are fishing. I had a 2 peice that I was using to rip jerkbaits with, and I had to twist the top half straight every three of four casts. I now have a 1 piece, and am looking for a good kid to give the 2 piece to.
Anyone own a 1 piece flipping rod? most are telescoping 2 piece contruction, where the rod slides down into the handle for storage.
I'm glad I posted the question because I almost purchased a 2 pc rod due to space in the car. Glad I asked first! Thanks! :thumbup01:

dont learn the hard way and have a 2 piece break at the joint cause it had worked loose throughout the day like i did

1 piece all the way. no question
When ya get older 2 pieces are a good thing, but we normaily are happy with one >:D
ive always went with a two piece rod y cuz there is jst less that can go wrong and i think that u can feel the bite better but having a two piece has its pros and cons for one thing u can break it down to fit in a tight place like the trunk of a car but i think one of the cons is that if you dont join the ends together firmly then when you throw they seperate and the end piece goes flying out and hits the water not only does it make a big splash and a loud noise but it embarases you to death
Well over the years. I have had both 1 and 2 piece rods. I know that to me it kind of matters. I know the 1 piece is a pain in a car. But to me. I go for the action and casting abilities. Never really thought about 1 or 2 pieces. It is what you feel comfortable with. Pick one up and flip it around. Is it stiff. Or ridged. What are you going to use it for? Bait fishing from shore? Ripping it through the water and weeds? This is the more important to me. I know I have tried to jerk baits with to soft of a rod. And it just doesn't work. Then again I don't want a stiff pole when fishing some shore with bait. I want to see the slittest bump. If you have the room go for a one piece. Just think more of the action. Most of the time I go for sensitivity and something that will cast a country mile. But I do have 1 piece units for my baitcasters. And for a fly rod. I only use two piece. Not the 4 piece or more. To many things to go wrong..
I always try to go 1 piece on all my bass rods since they are usually transported in the boat anyway.

For ultra light equipment or anything else I'm basically carrying around all day I like a 2 piece. It's just easier to tote it around through brush or around town, the big plus is I can put it in a backpack.
1 piece always. Why add another weak link as there is already one holding the handle :rofl1: :rofl1:

bigun :twl:
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