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02/04/07 Sunday

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Sunday 04/02/07

Sunday came with a big bump, after the weeks very mild weather, Sunday morning at around 06.30am it was frosty.

But not to worry, it was the first time Daz and myself went out fishing for a while. Daz arrived at arounf 07.55am, van loaded and off we went, heading to Meadow Waters.
It was an uneventful drive down, but frosty and cold, out on the open road the sun was getting out of bed

A glorious site first thing in the morning. We stopped off at a tackle shop on the way down, fresh baits and some other bits of terminal tackle, We arrived at the water at around 09.15am. We got to the middle pond and decided to fish the pegs in the tree's. Gear out of the van and to our pegs,

We both fished the feeder rod, although Daz did try the pole for a while, but the fish were not biting.
We were using bronze maggot, white maggot, red maggot, and Daz as ever had his chopped worm.

We set up next to each other, here's my peg

Daz was to the right of me. Daz was the first to catch, a fine unmarked roach, which was very glady accepted on a cold.frosty, winter morning. Daz continued top catch the roach, as did i a little late on, Here's a typical roach for the day

The sun was rising high, and the temp did rise to take the very thin layer of ice off the water. I had atwo flasks of hot tea and one flask of hot soup, al was drank with pleasure, Daz does not drink tea, and he turned his nose up at my soup, LoL, i dont blame him, it was like a bowl of gruel LoL

The carp anglers were having no luck, we spoke with one angler and he said he had nothing, he was even camping out, bbbbrrrrrrrr, his bivvy was covered with frost, as was his chair when we walked past him, dedication !!1 or just plain insane LoL, who knows except an angler

The and of the session saw Daz with 20 roach, and something very strange in his keepnet !!!!

I ended with 10 roach and very cold feet, dispite the hot drinks.
Agreat day out, which helped me a lot to chill out.

Thanks Daz, your a star mate
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I'm glad to hear that you were able to get out and do some fishing and clear your head for a while, Andy. :D

Beautiful photos! Thank you very much for sharing them! I especially love the one of your peg. It looks perfectly cozy. I only see one thing missing... where's the cooler full of sandwhiches?? ;) lol
LoL Jared, only three thermos for the day, two with hot tea and one with hot soup ;)

Thanks buddy ;)
Nice story Andy, I guess you are getting along famous with the new camera. I have a couple of new photos would you be interested in fixing them to post? I am having trouble with the whole photo bucket thing. Peace out. Drew
WTG to you and Daz, Andy.

The one camping must of been an Irishman, huh lol
What's a Roach and will it end up in your soup?

Nice Article
Tampa, thats a roach whats is the picture, Daz has hold of the fish, LoL, no they all go back into the water, its law over here :D
Glad to hear you got out and did some fishing. Thanks for the story and pictures.
Thank you Mary
Click the link below please, a treat :D
andy said:
Click the link below please, a treat :D
Thats awesome Andy! LOL I love that seat of yours! I so need one for catfishing from the bank around here! It looks to me like it all closed up neatly. How heavy is it? Where do you get those seats from? Got any links? I love it! lol
Thanks for sharing that video buddy! :D :cheers:
Thanks Jared, and no proiblem.
The box weight, as heavy as you want it to be, its made of heavy duty plastic, very strong and wind and water proof, the kit inside is totaly waterproof, rainproof.

The legs are used so that on uneveb ground you can level off and be comfy, Inside/ under the seat is a compartment for the tackle, reels etc.

Hey, i'll do a video of it and post so that you can see it, how does that sound buddy :D
Should of warned me first Andy, I just got through eating, then to see them maggotts lol

Seriously, kewl video mate :)
Fish4FunInFl said:
Should of warned me first Andy, I just got through eating, then to see them maggotts lol

Seriously, kewl video mate :)
Fish4Fun, Ya shoulda knowed better than to watch somebody fish for roaches right after a meal. :rofl1: :boing: Andy, I'm not sure what the name for roaches (insects) is over there in Europe/England. Here in America, roaches are six-legged, oval shaped brown bodied creatures that infest an unkempt household (I've never seen one :p).
Roach are the same the world over, the creepy crawly ones that is LoL
andy said:
Hey, i'll do a video of it and post so that you can see it, how does that sound buddy :D
sounds great! :D

can you buy them on line?
in SC our roaches are as big as VW bugs and have wings and fly REAL well! lol People call them palmetto bugs instead of roaches tho. I guess it makes them feel better. Whatever it takes I guess. But they still are stanky old roaches no matter what they call em lol
Them are midgets compaired to what we have in Florida, Jared lol

Its what we use for 'airmail' around here lol rofl
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