News Item: “Summer Shallow Water Cover” , Chat, Tuesday, July 3rd, at 8:30pm EST
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Monday 02 July 2012 - 13:16:03

Summer Shallow Water Cover Bass Fishing Stumps Docks Lily Pads Grass Laydowns

During last week's chat we explored the many techniques of offshore deep structure fishing for catching summer bass. This week's chat we will be turning the boat around heading to shore as we explore "Summer Shallow Water Cover".

While you can find large schools of bass offshore, shallow water cover can provide large numbers of fish as well. Quite often shallow water cover is turned to, by many touring professionals, when looking for their largest fish.

The types of shallow water cover vary greatly, from shallow grass, and lily pads, to stumps, laydowns, docks and much more. The techniques an angler can utilize to productively fish these shallow water haunts vary drastically. This week, we will explore all these types of cover and all these techniques.

If you are experienced with fishing shallow water cover, whether its by casting, pitching, flipping or some other method, please come join us and share your advice and wisdom. If you are not as familiar with shallow water fising or even if you are new to the sport, please come join us and ask any questions you may have. Everyone is welcome.

Please come chat with us Tuesday, July 3rd, as we discuss “Summer Shallow Water Cover” - ask questions, share your opinions and advice and join in the fun times with everyone. You are also more than welcome to just kick back, relax and read everyone's chat. Feel free to take notes if you wish. There will be a lot of useful information shared for sure. Members will start arriving after 8PM Eastern and chat will start officially at 8:35PM Eastern Time and 7:35PM Central Time.

To join us, just be sure to be logged into the forums and click the "BASS CHAT" button in the top navigation bar.
I look forward to seeing everyone in chat Tuesday night.

Tattered Thumbs, Jared

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