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"Hot Water Topwater" Tuesday's Chat, July 10th, at 8:30pm EST/7:30 CST
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Triple digits air temperatures and water temperatures approaching the same highs, as well. Anglers are out deep working offshore structure. Others anglers are in the shallows pitching and flipping to cover, but there are still others who are working weeds, pads and other shallow cover with topwater.

While many may think that the mid summer hot water would make poor topwater fishing, the truth is actually quite the opposite. It's hard to remember at times, that just because we are uncomfortable in the blazing son, does not mean the fish feel the same. The fact that the fish are cold blooded means that in these hot waters, their metabolism is soaring and they must feed as often as possible. This ensures that the fish are more active in the heat of the summer than they are at almost any other time of the year with perhaps the exception of spawn. For us, the anglers, this means that explosive topwater fishing can still be enjoyed!

Whether you are fishing buzzbaits around docks and laydowns or dragging and popping frogs over thick vegetation mats there are many great fish to be caught all summer on topwater. This week our goal in chat is to explore all the various topwater lure types and all the possible areas we can fish topwater in. If you are experienced and are an avid topwater angler, please come by and share your experiences and advice with us. If you are new to topwater fishing or perhaps just interested in learning a different aspect of this exciting method of bass angling, please come join us, ask any questions you may have and enjoy yourself.

Please come chat with us Tuesday, July 10th, as we discuss “Hot Water Topwater” - ask questions, share your opinions and advice and join in the fun times with everyone. You are also more than welcome to just kick back, relax and read everyone's chat. Feel free to take notes if you wish. There will be a lot of useful information shared for sure. Members will start arriving after 8PM Eastern and chat will start officially at 8:35PM Eastern Time and 7:35PM Central Time.

To join us, just be sure to be logged into the forums and click the "BASS CHAT" button in the top navigation bar.
I look forward to seeing everyone in chat Tuesday night.

Tattered Thumbs, Jared

Sunday 08 July 2012 - 19:20:48

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