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Last Cast for RC Series Cranks
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Last Cast for RC Series Cranks
Top selling crankbait available until supplies run out

Costa Mesa, Calif. (June 2, 2011) – The Lucky Craft Rick Clunn crankbaits are coming to an end.  Beginning June 1st, the crankbaits, which are sold exclusively through Bass Pro Shops, will only be available while supplies last.

The RC Series was responsible for re-energizing the square-bill crankbait market over the last few years.  One of the best selling and most technologically advanced crankbaits on the market, the RC Series has become a go-to lure for many anglers across the country.

The RC Series has several victories to its credit including the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Guntersville where Skeet Reese won using a RC 3.5 DD in white shad.

Also in 2010, Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehrler won on the FLW Tour at Table Rock Lake throwing a RC 2.5 DD in ghost minnow.

Countless other local and regional events have been won on this high performance crankbait and, no doubt, these crankbaits will catch fish well into the future.

The RC Series consists of five separate models.  The shallow running models (0-4ft.) include versions with rattles and without.  The deep diving models (4-16ft.) are also featured with or without rattles.  The fifth model is the RC Wake, a versatile topwater wake-action bait.

Lucky Craft has become synonymous with incredible lifelike colors and finishes.  The RC Series was no exception.  Over 21 incredible colors make the up the RC Series, including the extremely popular Copper Green Perch and Bull Bream.  The RC Series has also brought to the industry very innovative and situational colors like Phantom Watermelon Craw and MS Crack.

So don’t miss this last opportunity to stock your tackle box with some of the best crankbaits ever made. Once all the colors and models are gone, they are gone.

The RC Series is available at your local Bass Pro Shops store or online at

Thursday 02 June 2011 - 12:32:22

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