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Protecting Your Boat From Bow to Stern
on Monday 14 September 2009
by Derek Chance

Protecting Your Boat From Bow to Stern

It’s getting to be about that time of year again when the weather starts cooling off and we have to begin to plan for the winter. This means going through all of our fishing gear and inventory and also preparing our boats to sit for a few months. What many of us have found out is that waxing the boat up before winter really keeps it clean and makes it easier to clean in the spring. One of the jobs that I dread every year is getting the buffer out and waxing the boat especially when all I want to do is go fish. That is not such a chore anymore. RMR Industries has come out with a product called BTS (Bow to Stern). BTS is an all-in-one protectant that will have your boat looking like it just came off the show room floor…..with way less effort than getting out the buffer and numerous detailing supplies.

BTS is the first all-in-one conditioner protectant for your entire boat. There are great products on the market that shine your boat’s gel coat. There are also great products that protect your upholstery and plastic parts. There are even other great products that protect your boat from mold, mildew, and UV rays. BTS separates itself from these products by doing everything they all do and then some, in one product.

Gel coat is porous, and those microscopic pores fill with grime, bacteria, dirt, old wax, and other contaminants. Waxes will not clean this grime, it will actually seal it into the pores which can lead to gel coat wear down the road. BTS will clean the pores out first, then fill and seal them giving your boat the best shine it has seen since new and brings out its deep colors. It also gives your boat the best UV protection from the sun. The polymer formula actually bonds with the gel coat for long lasting protection. You only have to apply it once every month or so depending on how much you use your boat. Then after each time out, simply wipe down with a towel and watch the water spots and scum lines wipe right off!

BTS is not just for your gel coat. You can use it on virtually any durable surface. Spray and wipe down your vinyl seats to get them looking like new again. You can use it on any plastic surface, metal, leather, motor, trailer, windshield, and even your tow vehicle inside and out (bugs will wipe right off after applied). You can even spray it in your compartments to rid of the musty smell caused by mold and mildew and fight it from coming back.

This is a section from the website that describes some benefits:

Bow To Stern Marine Protectant’s chemists are all boaters and spent 5 years in the development of BTS. When we started on this project, we defined the properties we wanted BTS to have, of which included:

1. Offer highest sunscreen protection factor available.
2. Provide a formula that keeps the UV screens in place on the surface.
3. Can be used on any part of a boat, gel coat, vinyl seats, windscreens, motors or carpet or cloth (eliminating the need for multiple products).
4. Would clean the debris and organisms out of the pores of surfaces that most other solutions and detergents miss, without the use of abrasives or harsh chemicals.
5. Would stop the discoloring and stains related to mold, mildew and bacteria.
6. Would reinforce the built-in plasticizers/UV filters that manufacturers build into boat materials that help retard deterioration.
7. Would leave a long lasting and durable protection and shine.

I urge you to check out the BTS website for more thorough information on a great product. Go to This stuff is definitely the real deal. If you have any questions be sure to email me .

Derek Chance is sponsored BTS, KVD Line & Lure,, Hi-Tech Collision – Rolla, MO and Stahlman Powersports – Rolla, MO


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