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Making the Most Out of Your Time on the Water
on Thursday 30 June 2011

Making the Most Out of Your Time on the Water

Anytime I'm on the water I'm always thinking about ways to maximize my time fishing the key structure or areas that are holding the right group of bass that will help me be successful, whether it is in a tournament of just out fun fishing.

To maximize my time on the water, my homework starts when I'm off the water. Using my Navionics PC App, I'm able to look at the given body of water and look for areas that I want to fish once I drop the boat in the water. By looking for these areas when I'm off the water, I don't waste valuable time when I can be fishing.

Once the boat is in water, I'll go to the areas I found when I was off the water. Once I get to those areas, I'll either a) go to my waypoints I've saved previously if I've fished that area before, or b) I'll drive over the area a few times with my Humminbird Side Imaging to get the lay of the land and determine how the structure lays out. This is very important because once you get a good picture in your head of how the structure lays out; you'll be able to make pinpoint casts to the fish holding areas.

Now you may think that this information only applies to off shore structure fishing, but that is incorrect. I rely on my Side Imaging technology to get a better picture of how isolated pieces of cover are laid out along a bank. By doing this, you'll be able to spend more time fishing the key structure, instead of just going along beating the bank, like other anglers.

In shallow water, I rely heavily on my Minn Kota Talon. The Talon is a shallow water anchor that is deployed with a push of button and keeps my boat in the same spot. This is very beneficial when fishing a key stump, weed bed or boat dock, because I can concentrate on making my cast and not have to worry about the moving away or into the fish holding cover. The Talon also comes in handy when I need to retie my line after breaking off or just need to retie because of a nick in my line, just deploy the unit and you won't have to worry about getting out of your current position.

With a lot of beautiful summer fishing days left this year, be sure to maximize every second you are out on the water by doing your homework ahead of time and learning to use your electronics on your boat. For more information you can visit Glenn at

-- Glenn Walker