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Tuesday 30 June 2009 / Jared867
Protecting Your Boat From Bow to Stern
on 14 Sep 2009 by Derek Chance author list
Protecting Your Boat From Bow to Stern It’s getting to be about that time of year again when the weather starts cooling off and we have to begin to plan for the winter. This means going through all of our fishing gear and inventory and also preparing our boats to sit for a few months. What many of us have found [read more]
The Moment Of Truth
Proper Netting
on 30 Jun 2009 by Bob Jensen author list
  The Moment of Truth   You and your fishing partner got up early this morning to get on the lake at first light. The lake has a history of producing big fish, and you have a lure on the end of your line that will appeal to big fish. Your line is fresh and the knot attaching your lure to the [read more]