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Lure Creation and Modification
Lure Creation and Modification
Monday 14 April 2008 / Jared867
Crankbait Making 101
on 18 May 2009 by Sebastian Perez author list
Crankbait Making 101 By Sebastian Perez The idea of writing an instructional article on crankbait making was borne of my own trials and frustrations of not having enough available tutoring at hand, either in print or in person. Of the hundreds of books I own, which encompass almost every fact-minutiae of lures, tackle and fishing only a few touch upon the [read more]
Building a Powder Paint Fluid Bed
on 20 Mar 2009 by Jig Man author list
Building a Powder Paint Fluid Bed A fluid bed allows one to paint baits a lot easier than dipping them into a 2 oz. jar. The lower chamber is filled with air and the air passes through the filter in the bottom of the paint chamber causing the paint to suspend and be lighter. Just a quick swish of [read more]
Dressed Hook In 5 Minutes Or Less
on 14 Apr 2008 by Jim Campbell (Ouachita) author list
Jim Campbell teaches us how to properly dress a hook.
Dressed Hook In 5 Minutes Or Less Do you like paying $2 for a dressed hook? I won’t. It doesn’t take an expert fly tier to make one in just a few minutes, without thread, glue, or special tying tools. A fly tying vise is mighty handy though. I like tying jigs and dressing hooks using the conventional methods and materials [read more]