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Mind Sets
Mind Sets
Sunday 09 March 2008 / Jared867
Making the Most Out of Your Time on the Water
on 30 Jun 2011 by Glenn Walker author list
Making the Most Out of Your Time on the Water Anytime I'm on the water I'm always thinking about ways to maximize my time fishing the key structure or areas that are holding the right group of bass that will help me be successful, whether it is in a tournament of just out fun fishing. To maximize my time on [read more]
Change-Ups For More Fish
on 12 Aug 2009 by Bob Jensen author list
Change-Ups For More Fish Every year we learn more about fishing. In fact, much of the time, every time we go fishing we learn something. The past few summers have been a very good learning experience. Here are a couple of things I've learned relative to summer fishing that can help anglers catch more fish.On the largemouth bass side of the [read more]
90% Of The Game Is 100% Mental
on 17 Jul 2009 by Charles “The Bass Doctor” Stuart author list
90% Of The Game Is 100% Mental It had been a tough few weeks leading up to the CFT (Canadian Fishing Tour) two day tournament on Lake Ontario, here in Canada.I had discovered a small army of largemouth bass under two trees and decided to hang my hat on them, staying there for the next few weeks, supplying me with enough [read more]
Innovate: Don't Imitate
on 17 Jul 2008 by Mike McKay author list
Innovate: Don't Imitate by Mike McKay (Inspired by Gene Cochran) I do not know one serious fisherman who has not caught fish using a Senko. Hate it or love it, the baits catch fish as well as any soft plastic ever created. That is the simple fact. People have won just as many tournaments than any other bait since its creation [read more]
For the Love of Fishing
on 26 Apr 2008 by Linda Berry author list
For the Love of FishingBy Linda Berry One of the most vivid memories I have since taking up the sport of tournament bass fishing will always be etched in my mind as a keeper. The year was 1991 and the lake was Seminole in Bainbridge, Georgia. It was my first tournament with the then famous Bass’n Gals trail and I was [read more]
Jumping from the Back Deck
on 08 Apr 2008 by Don Wallingford author list
Jumping from the Back DeckBy Don Wallingford So you think you are ready to jump from the back of the boat to the front deck? You think you have spent enough time learning as a co-angler and want to try your hand as a boater. Let us look at some things you can expect in your transition. First, you have to [read more]
Failure or Success
on 09 Mar 2008 by Don Wallingford author list
Failure or Successby Don Wallingford Once again it is that time of year where we reflect on the previous year and try to untangle our failures from our successes. We all have parts of the last year that we would love to happen year after year and parts that we hope never happen again. Perhaps it [read more]