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The Pro-Files
The Pro-Files
Friday 15 February 2008 / Jared867
A little help from a guide
on 23 Feb 2008 by Tom Lester II author list
If you have had trouble catching fish lately, have not been fishing in a long while, or have never been fishing, I have some sound advice for you… a guide. Recently, I have been struggling in my quest to catch the ever elusive, black bass, on our local fish haven, Richland-Chambers Reservoir. Rather than sell my boat [read more]
Unsung Hero, Dick Trask – The Master of Finesse
on 14 Feb 2008 by Terry Battisti author list
Originally published by Bass West Magazine “I learned so much from him – he had a lot of influence on my fishing. His offshore techniques taught me a lot and I’m sure the way he held on a spot had an effect on the way I do things today. I wish I could have fished with him more.” 2005 BASS [read more]