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Lure Technique
Lure Technique
Friday 14 December 2007 / Jared867
“Shakey Head” When to use it?
on 12 Aug 2011 by Danny Ryan author list
What season should you throw a Shakey Head? Yep, you guessed it every season can be successful. Here are few helpful tips that will help you feel that tension and tug at the end of your line we all love. Where to start? Let’s talk equipment.Preferred equipment for me is spinning tackle about 95% of the time. I like a [read more]
Jigs for Dummies: An Introduction To The Jig - Part II
on 12 Aug 2011 by Eric author list
Color Selection, not so simplified….There are such a gross myriad of lure colors available to the angler today that it’s no wonder why people are constantly confused as to what color to pick in any given circumstance.  There are literally hundreds of companies each manufacturing their own specific colors in God only knows how many different combinations.  How are you [read more]
Jigs for Dummies: An Introduction To The Jig
on 12 Aug 2011 by Eric author list
Earlier this year, I decided to dedicate myself to throwing jigs.  I concentrated on only throwing them for a few months before I started to add them into my normal fishing routine.  Although I do not consider myself an accomplished jig fisherman yet, I certainly no longer call myself a novice.  Hopefully the following post will help in demystifying the [read more]
Now's A Good Time for Topwater
on 30 Jun 2011 by Fishing Wire author list
Now's A Good Time for Topwater If you're having trouble deciding which lures to use now that summer is here in full force, consider Yamaha Pro Dave Mansue's advice: throw a big topwater bait, retrieve it slowly so bass think it's an easy meal, and stay in water less than 15 feet deep. "For me, the topwater season really gets [read more]
Top Water Fishing
on 25 Feb 2010 by Allen Teer author list
Top Water Fishing     It’s right at daybreak. You’ve killed the motor about 200 feet away from the lily pads. Now you are on stealth approach with the trolling motor, and the first cast lands in the pocket between four pads. You let the frog settle a minute, twitch it twice, and SLAM!, the tuning fork goes off in your loins as [read more]
Jigs Year Round
on 01 Dec 2009 by Ken Sturdivant author list
Jigs Year Round By Ken Sturdivant   Fish a jig and trailer all year because bass love the crayfish. One of the best bass producers all year is the jig. Crayfish are one of the prime food sources for bass and the jig very closely resembles this natural bait. On numerous occasions we find a crayfish in the live well of my boat, spit [read more]
Drop It Like It's Hot
on 04 Sep 2009 by Spencer Clark author list
Drop It Like It's Hot When the bass are in a tizzy the drop shot rig can be one of the best set-ups to throw.  A lot of anglers make the mistake of using the drop shot rig only for deep, clear water situations. The drop shot rig is rather very versatile and can work under a wide range of conditions [read more]
Leave it to Beaver
on 25 Aug 2009 by Spencer Clark author list
Leave it to Beaver    Everyone has their favorite baits that they fall back on time and time again to put keeper bass in the boat. The beaver is one of my all time confidence baits when it is tournament time. I’ve caught so many keepers over the last two years on this bait in competition that I never leave home without [read more]
Follow Alton Jones' Tips For Better Topwater Action
on 18 Aug 2009 by Jared867 author list
Follow Alton Jones' Tips For Better Topwater Action During the hot summer months, two things constantly remind Alton Jones to keep a top-water lure tied on and ready to fish. The first is that when he began fishing as a youngster more than 35 years ago, he started with a topwater lure, and the second is the 9 lb., 9-oz. bass [read more]
Say What??
on 25 Jul 2009 by Lee McClellan author list
Terms such as "Texas-rigged worm," "Carolina-rigged lizard" or "wacky rig&q[...]
Say What?? Terms such as "Texas-rigged worm," "Carolina-rigged lizard" or "wacky rig" are part of a bass angler's everyday lexicon. But to a beginner, the experienced anglers might as well be speaking Chinese.The Texas rig is probably the most popular fish-catching innovation in the evolution of bass fishing. The term stems from Nick Crème and Crème Manufacturing, the company given credit [read more]

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