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A little help from a guide
on 23 Feb 2008 by Tom Lester II author list
If you have had trouble catching fish lately, have not been fishing in a long while, or have never been fishing, I have some sound advice for you… a guide. Recently, I have been struggling in my quest to catch the ever elusive, black bass, on our local fish haven, Richland-Chambers Reservoir. Rather than sell my boat [read more]
Aquatic Vegetation… Friend and Foe
on 23 Feb 2008 by Tom Lester II author list
Aquatic Vegetation... Friend and Foeby : Tom Lester II As Lake Richland-Chambers continues to age, the dynamics of the lake change quite rapidly. A great deal of the large timber in the lake has fallen, opening the lake up for all to see it's enormous size as Texas' 3rd largest inland lake. Additionally, as is common on most fairly new reservoirs, [read more]