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Seasonal Patterns
Seasonal Patterns
Friday 14 December 2007 / Jared867
In Autumn, Don't Overlook Swimbaits for Big Bass
on 02 Nov 2009 by Yamaha Marine Group author list
In Autumn, Don't Overlook Swimbaits for Big Bass     As soon as October arrives, Jared Lintner's lure choices become a lot easier. With water now cooling on lakes across the country the Yamaha pro ties on swimbaits, and while he may not get as many strikes, the big lures usually attract larger bass."The biggest factor in using swimbaits successfully is having confidence [read more]
Autumn Transitions for Bass Can Be Frustrating, But Fun
on 06 Oct 2009 by Lee McClellan author list
Autumn Transitions for Bass Can Be Frustrating, But Fun     Frankfort, Ky. - Autumn is some of the best sleeping weather of the year. Open the windows, turn the air conditioning off and wake up to crisp, gorgeous mornings.  This kind of weather gets many outdoors enthusiasts excited about doves and deer, but it can be a confusing time for bass anglers. Typically, [read more]
Tips for Fishing April's Muddy Waters
on 15 Apr 2009 by Lee McClellan author list
Tips for Fishing April's Muddy Waters   The author and Michelle Kent admire a largemouth bass taken in late spring from a murky farm pond. She used a spinnerbait to catch this fish, one of the most effective lures for muddy water late spring fishing. Frankfort, Ky. - Fishing in April is typically feast or famine: Either you can slay the fish [read more]
Turning Over Water In the North
on 31 Oct 2008 by Gary Engberg author list
Now, and during the next few weeks lakes in Wisconsin go through a major change that drastically affects most fishing. The change that I'm talking about is one of the least understood concepts in fishing. This fall change is a ritual that happens in both the spring and fall of the year. It is of utmost importance for any angler [read more]
Catching Suspended Summer Fish
on 03 Sep 2008 by Boyd Duckett author list
Boyd Duckett talks to us about catching suspended bass on swimbaits
Catching Suspended Summer Fish An article by Boyd Ducket Recently, Berkley released its new PowerBait Hollow Belly and it's the best swim bait I've ever used. Not only that, but it works well wherever I go: I can skip docks on Lake of the Ozarks, fish for schoolers in place like Clarks Hill or wind it deep at Amistad. This is [read more]
Summer River Smallies
on 10 Jun 2008 by Stacy Zhelesnik author list
WBT Pro Stacy Zhelesnik discusses summer smallmouth fishing in small rivers.
Summer River Smallies By Stacy Zhelesnik When the dog days of summer are upon us, I often turn to my local river for some untouched fishing treasure. I head up north to the Delaware River, in search of packs of aggressive [read more]
Going Deep in the Name of Bass Research
on 20 Apr 2008 by Kirk Deeter author list
Going Deep in the Name of Bass Research By Kirk Deeter Photos by Mike Johnson I am a 225-pound largemouth bass, guarding a bed on the edge of Lake Jennings. Looking up through 10 feet of slightly hazy water, I see the silhouette of a boat. From its deck, John Kerr, one of the premier big-bass chasers in America, pitches a white jig [read more]
Summer = "Deeper and Thicker"
on 31 Dec 2007 by Swede author list
Summer = "Deeper and Thicker" By Swede One technique many use to reach deep bass, especially on clear water lakes with little vegetation is the drop shot. What follows are some of the basics behind the drop shot to get you started. Drop-Shot Basics: Description: a drop-shot rig is just another way [read more]

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