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Thursday 21 February 2008 / Jared867
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Why Fish Patterns, Not Holes?
on 26 Mar 2009 by Jared867 author list
Many anglers will return to their tried and trusted holes, on their home lakes, time and time again.[...]
  Why Fish Patterns, Not Holes? Here I sit, a minute before midnight, and as usual, fishing is on my mind to such a degree that I can not sleep. I should be sound asleep by now as my alarm is set to sound at 4:15am, then it's off to meet up with my buddy to pre-fish for an upcoming tournament. [read more]
Fishing High Water
on 25 Mar 2009 by Buzbait88 author list
Alot of lakes and river levels will fluctuate throughout the seasons. Learning to find and effectiv[...]
Fishing High Water Here on the Mississippi River we experience high water every year, sometimes for weeks or months at a time and if you know what your doing the fishing can be phenomenal, but rising water isn't just for rivers.  Lakes and reservoirs are also susceptible to rising water. I think one very important thing about rising water is that it [read more]
The Pattern - What Is It?
on 19 Mar 2009 by Alan Paczkowski author list
Talk to any serious bass anglers and the conversation frequently centers around what "pattern" the bass are on. Unfortunately, a lot of bass anglers believe the "pattern" refers to the particular type and color bait which has been catching bass. Close, but no cigar! When bass pros refer to the term "pattern" or "pattern fishing" they are talking about the elusive [read more]
Swimmng a jig
on 05 May 2008 by Buzbait88 author list
Swimming a jig can be a deadly technique that will replace the spinnerbait and crankbait.
Swimming a jig By: Nathan Gravert Everyone knows how versatile a jig is, whether your jigging a deep drop-off, flipping wood, flipping pads, flipping rocks it’s a very versatile bait that is known for producing larger fish in most scenarios. The one technique that I think is very under used and under rated for fishing with a jig, is swimming it. Swimming [read more]
Early spring bassin
on 24 Apr 2008 by Buzbait88 author list
Fish can move alot throughout the day and you have to know where there movements will be and follow [...]
I recently go done fishing an ABA on the Mississippi River. All week I had located a school of females staging on a weedy point. I first found the school casting a blue shimmer shad virashock from karu Lures. I was working a drop off that went from 2’ -6’ with weeds on top and a creek [read more]
Just How Soon Is Long Enough?
on 21 Feb 2008 by By “The Bass Coach” – Roger Lee Brown author list
Just How Soon Is Long Enough? (By “The Bass Coach” – Roger Lee Brown) I know that the title of this article can mean a great many things to a lot of different people i.e... How soon is long enough visiting with your in-laws, or how soon is long enough being engaged to your honey before [read more]

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