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Default sun screen!!!!

I know we all spend a lot of time out in the sun.We have had a couple of guys in our club have the (c word)
or sun spots removed.In the last couple of years I been using sunscreen everytime I am on the boat with the highest spf I can find.I use coppertone and bullfrog spray,for me is seems to be the longest lasting.Also Instead of the tank tops,I have been going with a lighter tourney shirt or the long sleeve fishing shirt.The one tip I would like to leave you with is when applying the sun screen take off your sunglasses and make sure you get the area where the arms of the sunglasses sit.This is the only spot my buddy and those spots removed.We seem to forget about that area.
mike towe
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

I would suggest that everyone uses a good 30+ SPF water proof sunscreen and put it on areas that will be exposed to the sun, before you get dressed to go fishing.
We like to wear ball caps to shade our eyes, however a ball cap doesn't shad your face or neck. You need a wide bream hat or a sun shad type hat made to protect you face and neck. These hats are not macho and you think you look silly wearing one. Clothing that is 30+ SPF rated is also available; long sleeve shirts with good ventilation are good, but expensive.
The alternative to long term over exposure to the sun is surgery to remove skin cancer and frequent vistations to the doctor to remove pre cancer spots. Being macho and looking like everyone else wearing a ball cap doesn't seem like such a good idea after you have skin cancer. Looking silly is far better than being stupid.
I ruined my shin fishing and wished someone had warned me and I was smart enough to listen.
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

I get some stares and remarks, looking like an archaeologist in an Egyptian desert or maybe a mummy to some folks, but I put as stop to further sun damage. I wear long sleeved shirt rated SPF-50 no matter how hot, pants the same, though can be converted to shorts. Hat is SPF 50 cotton wide brimmed. While the sun is at an angle and reflecting off the water onto my face I put an SPF 50 clava on covering ears, face, including nose and lips. I also wear SPF-50 fishing gloves, the ones leaving fingers exposed. I doubt any sunlight reaches any of my skin.

Two dermatologists have come right out and warned me to stay indoors from now on, as each visit results in a big mess of sores from removal of pre-cancers and an occasional squamous cell carcinoma. I spent my teen years with perpetual sun burns each summer, then many years fishing without protection. I also worked outdoors the whole of my adult life except 4 years in the Navy.

When not fishing, before leaving the house I smear some Blue Lizard Face SPF-30 sunscreen on, particularly my left elbow. It has been hanging out a pickup window too many years. It's a good choice for fishing, no scent. That is the only brand those doctors now recommend.

I have guys motor over to me on the lake asking about my garb, most wondering how I can take the heat. I remain far cooler now than ever before, listening to all those guys complain all day, wearing jean cut-offs, barefoot, no shirt, baking in the sun. Any sweat cools hot air that passes through the fabrics. I carry a spray bottle to wet clothes a little, making a personal AC setup. If no wind sometimes I use a clamp-on 12V fan on the windshield. I also have some misting nozzles that make a cloud around me, lowering temperature 10 degrees. I can splash the clava with lake water and really cool down quickly. Same goes for whenever the gloves get wet.

If you get too hot out there rub an ice cube on each wrist underside, cooling your blood down.

Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.      Hebrews 10:35
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Neutrogena Helioplex SPF 85- stuff goes on great for face and neck
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Originally Posted by bassaholic
Neutrogena Helioplex SPF 85- stuff goes on great for face and neck
Exactly the same sun screen as their SPF-55, relabeled to SPF-85. It's good product, a little hard on the eyes if it gets into them. My dermatologist gave me some to try. The important thing is to use sun screen rated at least SPF-30, which means 30 times better then no sunscreen, everytime you are out in the daylight.

Like Jim, I'm forbidden to go out in the sun, so I compromise and wear good SPF rated clothing, sun screen and pray the next examination doesn't find a melanoma.
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

I use Banana Boat, and apply it in the mornings before I get dressed.
I will admit, IF I dont do it this way, I will forget to put it on while fishing.

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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Reading this, I am looking at the burn I got on my face, neck, and forearms today after I went out "just for a few moments." Not good at all. From now on, the SPF goes on before I go out.
Some people say doing the same thing over and over again, all the while expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.  I just call it fishing.
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Well, I haven't been one to use sun screen until I read these posts! I grew up on a farm and worked out doors all of the time. I get one sunburn in the Spring and then just brown. I wear glasses and have a couple of spots on my nose that I need to have looked at. Tomorrow, I will be using sun screen. Thanks, Guys.
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Myself will be putting on sunscreen more. I do have some in the car at all times and I think even in the boat, but I'm sure it will need updating. But I will say that I fish in pants and usually a tshirt and I never get too hot. To me the pure sun scorching my skin is hotter than it hitting my light khakis and bouncing off. I never wear jeans. They are just too heavy for me and seemingly being so heavy they don't do well in thick wooded areas with anything poking through. My khakis seem to not let a thorn poke through as easily. Khakis get wet then no big deal, jeans get wet you can add ten pounds and they just don't dry quickly either. I'm still young that I can still be preventative. We all just need the mindset that one burn won't do much, but years of sun and burns and even no burns can take it's course for the worse.

Take advice from the experienced. And remember to reapply as well. The higher spf the longer you get, but still all day fishing I would reapply.
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Default Re: sun screen!!!!

Folks be carefull using sunscreen with higher then spf30. i have heard that anything over 30 is over rated and the fact the wife is taking classes to become a nurse, has said her classes are saying the same thing.

On another note of the 50+ spf be carefull, the wife and I went out from 10:00am to 3:30 pm and lathered up with an spf50 designed for BABIES and the area that we put this stuff on basically chemical burns.I had A tank top on and knew that the farmers tan area above a normal sleeve was really white and would burn easily so i slathered on this 50spf stuff and my uper arms are blistering right now,the wife had her swim suite on and lathered up areas that were extra white and she is blistered too.This was a brand new bottle, just bought it at Kentucky lake for that tourney. (didn't use it there thankfully.)
Basically anything over 30 SPF is overkill IMHO and the extra chemicalls they put into the higher spfs might just burn you worse then the sun!
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