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Default Re: The Bass Pros - Jason Quinn- Swimbait statement.

Originally Posted by Oldfart9999
The reason Quinn used the burner was to catch up to the fish that were hitting from behind & swimming toward him.
I understood that much, but it still goes against everything that I have heard about fishing a swimbait. I understand that bass that come up to hit the lure will sometimes "push" the lure, but fishing a burner still doesn't make sense to me. According to what Jason said, you want to wait a second or two before setting the hook, because the bass tend to key in on the tail action, instead of a kill shot toward the head (which also goes against a lot that I have heard about predator/prey relationships). With that being said, if he's saying that you need to fish it more or less like a topwater bait, then allowing the bass to take the lure for even a split second will allow enough time to react, reel down, and set the hook. I proved that today when that last bass I caught.

I brought the swimbait over a rock, twitched it hard, and she was swimming toward me. I let her have it long enough for her to turn a complete 90* angle from how she had come in. She was aggressive enough that she had inhaled the lure, and the hook set was true and solid.

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