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Default The Bass Pros - Jason Quinn- Swimbait statement.

I readily admit that today was the first day in many years that I fished a swimbait style lure seriously. And from now on, I am addicted.

However, Jason Quinn, on the Bass Pros today, made the statement that allowing a swimbait to fall doesn't look natural to bass and they will reject the lure EVERY TIME, if you allow it to drop.

No disrespect to him, but I disagree. Today was a prime example that bass CAN and WILL hit a swimbait that is falling. I made a cast today and caught my 6 lbs. 11 oz. bass while it was FALLING.

My mother was being inquisitive when she saw that I was varying the retrieves and asked, "Is that a lure that you don't want to look like it's injured?" Now that I think about it, I see no reason why you couldn't fish it that way. I was fishing conditions today where a swimbait probably wasn't the best lure, but if you sit down and think about it, why couldn't you fish a swimbait as though it's a injured baitfish?

We have been told time and time again that big fish are programmed genetically to eat an injured or dying baitfish. Wouldn't this, when fishing a swimbait, result in MORE hits?

That one statement by Quinn just made me do a lot of thinking about swimbaits.
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