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Default Fall Patterns on Small Waters with BPO Staffer Aeolian Aidan

Northern states are littered with small, natural lakes. Southern states are dotted with farm ponds to which some similar patterns apply. Most patterns that you read in bass fishing magazines are really only effective on Southern reservoirs. Shad are usually non-present in these small bodies, and fish movement is different than in giant river systems.

So, what do you look for in a small, bowl shaped lake in the fall? When the water temperature starts edging into the upper 50 range, fish will kick into survival mode. My first job when I get to the water is to check water temperature and wind, as these can give vital clues to where you may catch fish and what may be a solid pattern for the day. Only after checking conditions will I pick up one of the 4 rods that are on deck. A spinner bait, Red Eye Shad, jig and drop-shot are always tied on this time of year. These four baits will cover almost any condition and rarely will they not work.

A good starting place is any wooded bank where wind is blowing adjacently.....Continue @
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