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Originally Posted by bassin101mg
Im just doing my home pours. Not gone sell any. If I get 1gal to try and I want the plastic to be softer how much softener will I need? What im trying to say is does it take a lot are do you just add small amounts of it? the heat stabilizer on reheats. If not added will the plastic burn?
You only need a couple tablespoons per cup... example would be the standard stick bait fornula is 1 cup plastic and 1/4 cup of softener then of course a 1/2 cup of salt is added. With this stick formula there is a 1/4 cup softener used to ofset how firm the salt will make the mixture. Without salt, a teaspoon or two of softener per cup would be fine.
You can use heat stablizer if you wish. It does help keep the plastic from yellowing... but if you monitor your temp and keep your plastic stirred you wont need it.. especially if you are only heating small quantities at a time.
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