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Default Re: How are pearl powders suppoesed to be used?

It is in the hi-lite powder family. Different brands may work or be used differently but I would think it is the same general idea. Mine are from LC and they have the following for powder coloring: Pearl, Super Hi-Lite and Ultra Lumina & Pearl Powders. They have a color chart of examples for each one so you can get an idea of how it would look at full strength without any other color in it.

My Olive pictured above is just a certain amount of powder I added to plain plastic. With the Cool Cucumber I put that 1 drop of white in there so it was not clear with the pearl effect. I found it helps to give it the shape outline if that sounds right. A low dose of white gives it a canvas to lay on if that makes sense. Of course I could use more powder and no white at all but the bait would look different then it turned out. It all depends on what you want to create and part of the learning process of how much and where.

Now for one labeled as a Hi-Lite you will get less color then the pearl type for the most part. The Turquoise one I use is more iridescent. If I just overloaded a clear plastic with it there would be a light milky color and it would be all shimmering. I tend to use it more like adding glitter because of the effect it creates. It almost acts like a prism by throwing one color and then looking like another.
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