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Default Another Tip Contest "tip"

Oopsie.. I posted in the wrong place

Sorry everyone (so here's my current tip / technique)

New tip / technique learned today on the "river"....

I guess first, I should say - that "techniques" are going to be "unique" to the area that your fishing - what works in (say) the southern or mid-western states isn't going to necessarily work for those of us 'northern' - and vice-versa. At the same token - techniques I've learned on Lake Wallenpaupack - don't/won't really work on the Susquehanna River. Where on the "pack" its a lot of docks - on the river its a lot of wood and structure... so with that in mind - I would say research is key to a successful fishing trip - know your environment, know your waters, know what structures are there - and if you can find a good hydro map - they can be very helpful - just as some aerial maps can also be helpful.

Now for today's new lesson (well, my new lesson anyway Im Bad! Im Nationwide! ) - fishing a mud line! 6 months ago I would have seen a mud line as nothing more than a change in water color - but these mud lines can tell you a lot about where schools may be holding as they will tend to sit on the downstream side of the murky water waiting for dinner to swim by. Again, the bait should be finessed very slowly.
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