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Default Divided Cups for Hand Pouring Laminates and Swirls

When I first saw a hand poured swirled stickbait of green pumpkin and white I just knew I had to know how to do that. I soon learned it was done with a divided cup.

This is how i make mine:

[smg id=2023]
I had some left over POP so I poured it into the pyrex and let it set up hard. Then I removed it and sawed it in half.

[smg id=2026]
This produced the perfect profile of my cup.

[smg id=2016]
Then i used this half to trace a template out of cardboard

[smg id=2020]
I then cut the template out of the cardboard.

[smg id=2022]
The cardboard template was then checked against the cup.

[smg id=2019]
This is now my permanent template for pyrex 2 cup measuring cups.

[smg id=2017]
I trace this onto the aluminum I am going to use.

[smg id=2024]
I cut out the aluminum divider with a pair of scissors.

[smg id=2025]
I then clean it up good and get out my JB Weld and glue it right in the middle of the cup.

[smg id=2021]
After letting it cure over night my divided cup is ready to pour.

[smg id=2027]
I have heard that if you keep the divider as high as the rim of the cup you can pour better laminates... but if you cut it down lower like i did, you can pour better swirls.

And there you go, that is how I make a divided cup.

A couple observations from using the cup so far:

1. yes this CAN be put in a micro but I recommend getting plastic melted and ready to pour before you put it in the divided cup then you only need to reheat and that wont take long. Actually my best recommendation is to have enough cavities so that you can empty the cup out on one run down your molds so you dont have to reheat at all. That is going to be my goal, at least.

2. do your best to keep both sides equal volume or else the side with the greater volume will be the dominant color.

3. if you get any sparking with the alumimuni, which you shouldnt at first, stick a qtip in vinegar and wipe the shiney spot down and let it set over night. that will dull that spot.

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